1/9/18 1:00 PM
Category: Trends & Tips

We weren’t surprised when the popular Responsive Web Design podcast team asked growing Workarea merchant Lime Crime to guest on it. After all, the booming LA-based cosmetics company has been making mobile shoppers happy since the day they launched on our SaaS platform. Their brand really took off on Instagram and now has 3.3 million followers, so they know the ins and outs of smartphone dominance. 

Take a listen or read the interview transcript as Chrissie Webster, Lime Crime’s VP of Ecommerce, highlights some of the unique mobile moments they produce for shoppers and how the workflows within Workarea help her to achieve everything she needs to each day. Her favorite thing about their site is when animated unicorns appear when certain shopping cart thresholds are met!

Thanks to podcast hosts and UX gurus Ethan Marcotte and Karen McGrane for having Chrissie and our very own Linda Bustos talk shop on the RWD podcast!

Listen right now and stay tuned for more Workarea merchants making waves. 


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