11/25/17 2:05 PM
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Welcome to part 2 in our ongoing coverage of the 2017 ecommerce holiday season from the 24/7 Workarea Commerce Intelligence Unit. Part 1 covered how customers outdid projections November 1-22. You may have seen some Thanksgiving data plus our comments in this Internet Retailer story. Dig in below to see what Thanksgiving 2017 delivered and the details behind the numbers for the hundreds of online retailers on Workarea.

Workarea Customers Outshine Thanksgiving 2016 Numbers

Adding to the retail successes seen in November, global ecommerce sales reached a record $2.87B on Thanksgiving. Workarea customers made history of their own when compared to some of the top 100 U.S. online retailers.

One omnichannel women’s fashion brand on Workarea saw a year-over-year increase of 237% in their mobile traffic.

Industry reports showed 55.7% of Thanksgiving traffic came from smartphones and tablets. Data from the 200+ retailers we support showed 63.5%.

Overall revenue increased an average of 18% across all retailers on Workarea, which fell in line with industry averages. The double-digit increase delighted many online retailers who were hoping Thanksgiving would make up for a potentially less busy Black Friday.

Conversion rate across all devices (desktop, mobile, and tablets) increased 7% while overall average order value jumped up 17%.

Greater Trust in Mobile Boosts Consumer Spending Per Purchase

Records on average order value were broken with numbers increasing by 26%. Consumers are now finding more easier-to-shop sites than ever before and mobile site experiences have vastly improved.

Compared to Thanksgiving 2016, mobile revenue soared by 24%. Conversion rate bumped up 6%. As consumers continue to reach for their bigger and sleeker smartphones, the traffic boost should be converting into sales equal to or greater.

Customer confidence and comfort with mobile steadily increases each year, as well as the trend to pre-shop Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving (and the trend of retailers capitalizing on pre-Black Friday promotional opportunities).

As mobile traffic increases each year, responsive web design, content optimization, site speed and performance, and a streamlined checkout become critical. Mobile referrals from email, social and paid search campaigns typically bypass home pages and land deep on product and category pages, especially during the holidays, so online shops’ navigation menus, taxonomy organization, and search tools must support the customer journey no matter what page is their first touchpoint.

Greatly outperforming industry averages on mobile, most mobile sites drive a high percentage of traffic but struggle to convert and ultimately lose the sale/customer. The ability to retain the customer through the full purchasing journey speaks to Workarea customers’ skill to optimize mobile experiences, from design and content through page load speed.



Why Mobile Spends are Up this Holiday

As a whole, mobile sites have matured in supporting the entire buying journey.

Average order values are greatly impacted by better site experiences, especially with regards to improved search, navigation and product recommendations. These enhancements help customers find additional products faster, something that’s more difficult to do with smaller screens, keyboards, and collapsed site menus. Retailers who get these elements right keep customers on site longer and support product discovery, which allows for larger baskets.

Throughout the hundreds of mobile sites our team is routinely browsing all season long, we have spotted more appropriate cross-sells and bundles, as well as better up-sells at checkout than in previous years. There still have been far too many times where we faced the impossible-to-close pop-ups on our phones, but the industry is taking baby steps to not have customers drop off.

More holiday customer data and insights from the Workarea Commerce Intelligence Unit will be coming your way all holiday season. If you have questions or want comment from a Workarea executive, please contact pr [at] workarea.com. Cheers!


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