2/13/17 2:02 PM
Category: Product Updates

When you love something, you name it

When you love something, you name it. And today we’re naming our market-leading platform “Workarea”. We think you’ll love it too. 

Previously called the WebLinc Commerce Platform, Workarea represents one of our industry’s lesser known secrets: Drawing from 22+ years of on-the-ground experience, WebLinc has been quietly focused on evolving the most modern commerce platform in the market. Yesterday it was descriptively called the WebLinc Commerce Platform and our customers and partners know that it is a fantastic alternative to all of the legacy usual suspects. Today, as we’re gaining stature in our market, it makes sense to capture what our offering is under a new name and brand. 

Here’s the story behind the name.

Steve Jobs once said that the personal computer is like a bicycle for the mind. Technology, like the bicycle, exists to take the user further, with less effort.

Commerce solution providers have rightly focused their product innovation on meeting the demands of the modern shopper, taking them further with less friction. New shopping needs were met with new shopping features and capabilities.

But what about the people working behind the scenes? The digital teams that shape commerce every day have been left wanting. Innovation hasn’t addressed the new ways they need to work. To win, they need to be creative, collaborative, data-driven, and efficient. And their efforts need to be measured. They no longer think within the walls created by the systems of the past but many are forced to split their work across them. Products, orders, customers, content, analytics and experiences need to be visible and managed in one digital work area. Everyone on the team needs to be part marketer, part merchandiser and part data analyst. Today’s commerce platform needs to meet the needs of the shopper AND be a tool for teams to shape commerce.

Years ago, our product team recognized these emerging needs. We paired feedback from our customers and partners with our own research and data to form a clear conclusion; shopper experience AND team performance are critical. This is why people immediately connect with our product during the first demo. It’s why we’ve built commerce, content and insights together from the ground up. It’s why our customers can be unique without the legacy costs of staying modern.

This subtle, yet powerful insight: that there is so much latent value yet to be unlocked from the people managing commerce, led us to our new product name. We believe people will always be the key drivers of commerce. In Workarea they will have a commerce platform that offers innovation for both shoppers and the commerce teams that shape commerce.

When you love something, you name it. Though a simple act, we know the impact it will bring both inside our company and throughout our industry. We’re committed. We’re invested. It’s going to be great.

So say “hello!” to Workarea, the unified commerce platform built for teams.

Crafted with love, 



Bill Tarbell

VP of Marketing