12/9/15 1:47 PM
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WebLinc and Jirafe Partner to Bring Actionable Customer Data to Online Retailers

PHILADELPHIA, Pa., Dec. 9, 2015 – WebLinc, WebLinc announced today that it has partnered with Jirafe, a provider of predictive analytics and business intelligence software for ecommerce. The partnership will enable users of the Workarea Commerce Platform to quickly turn data into revenue-impacting decisions.

While brands and retailers have more data-capture capabilities than ever before, understanding and acting on the compiled data is still challenging for many. WebLinc knows the value of its client’s time and how enriching the customer experience supports revenue growth, which is why adding Jirafe’s solutions to Workarea was a necessary step forward. Delivering easy-to-read reports on customer behavior to Workarea customers such as buying patterns will lead to streamlined promotional planning, better personalized product suggestions, and turn each visitor interaction into a purchasing opportunity.

“Our partnership with Jirafe delivers on our commitment to give Workarea customers best-in-class solutions. Breaking down the data that retailers collect on a daily basis can be overwhelming for even the most experienced ecommerce teams,” said Darren C. Hill, CEO and co-founder of WebLinc. “Everyone has more and more data, but not a lot of retailers have the time or resources to do anything with it. Especially for fast-growing retailers, Jirafe will help make real data-driven decisions that will drive revenue much faster. Whenever we can add value to clients through the latest technologies, we will do it.”
Jirafe supports brands in discovering revenue buried within their ecommerce data through a user-friendly interface that tells retailers what products their customers love most. By automating merchandising reporting and presenting valuable data, Jirafe helps retailers save time so they can focus on everyday activities versus analyzing data tables.

“Gathering customer intelligence is a must for today’s online retailers. Thousands of marketers and merchandisers utilize our friendly tool and the data we deliver to build businesses faster,” said Jirafe’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Amit Shah. “Partnering with Workarea allows us to bring the most essential data to their clients in a visually pleasing way without the need for data scientists.”

About Jirafe
At Jirafe, we are driven to provide you with the answers you need about your business to drive revenue. We offer a targeted solution, built on best practices learned from working with the more than 80,000 merchants that use Jirafe daily. We provide emerging brands like Tuckernuck, Dolls Kill, and Diamond Candles with enterprise class ecommerce solutions that they can grow with. We also provide larger merchants such as Nasty Gal, Nikon, Meyer, and GE with a high performance, targeted ecommerce solution to manage their business. 



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