9/25/17 2:00 PM
Category: Trends & Tips, Holiday

You’ve got your site prepared for Black Friday, your promotions nailed down, your email campaigns teed up and your gift guides polished…what’s missing to have your best holiday ever? 

Despite your best planning, you can’t predict what customers will actually do once the season kicks off. To maximize sell-through, revenue and avoid sitting on cold merchandise post-season, your team needs real-time merchandising strategies you can apply right up to your shipping cut-off date. 

In this one-hour webinar, Linda Bustos, Director of Merchant Strategy at Workarea, will share how online retailers can apply responsive merchandising strategies to home pages, category lists, site search, product pages, cart and marketing campaigns using real-time data. 

Discover the secrets that savvy e-tailers use to drive double-digit conversion improvement: 

  • Merchandising strategies for best sellers and trending products 
  • How to identify and boost sales for “potential” and “at risk” products 
  • Strategies to drive revenue from lagging products 
  • How to respond to real-time customer behavior 
  • How to respond to real-time competitive moves 
  • How to transition from high-season to post-holiday

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For 20+ years, Workarea has helped retailers and brands outpace their competition. Our retail roots tell us the common success factor across top retailers is peak team performance. With the right tools, teams reach their zenith and all is possible. When commerce, content and insights are working together, so is your team. Collaboration occurs, efficiency rises, and the output is not only measurable but ever-evolving.