5/11/17 2:10 PM
Category: Our People

On April 27th, another “Take Your Child to Work Day” went into our record books. Here’s a recap from parent and QA Analyst, Jess Craig.

With every generation, there’s a common factor that unites them, and so far we know kids are more connected, better informed self-learners thanks to the internet. They’ve never known a non-digital world (kids these days, amirite?). They’ve always had smart devices, Google, social media, and their outlooks on life are influenced by a constant flow of information at their fingertips. We, as the forerunners to this new internet generation, have a duty to nurture their already independent self-awareness.



At WebLinc, it’s important for us to contribute positively to the future. Our annual Take Your Child to Work Day is always a fun and educational event that is open to all WebLinc staff with a kiddo in their lives. As in past years, our focus was on relevant technology and encouraging kids to uncover their innate capabilities. This year, children learned to put programming concepts to work under the direction of WebLinc Front-End Developer, Ashley Chapokas, and me.

What did our kids show off to parents?
Take Your Child to Work Day at WebLinc empowered these self-learning youngsters by giving them full control of everything, from planning their site’s structure and functionality to the specific element details they thought up. And how did we do that? Kids were shown the value of proper site preparation with the use of wireframes. Correctly planning site elements allowed them to later spend their mental energy on coding. Since the process was a smash hit during last year’s event, participants first brainstormed their ideas on paper, then followed a step by step hands-on CSS/HTML tutorial with Ashley on their laptops. At the end of the day, children went home with their self-created websites and bragging rights to boot.


Today, kids understand the involvement of all things digital around them far better than we did. Learning to program draws back the “magic” of technology, and reveals the logic that controls our digital world. To us, bringing our kids to work is an integral part of that process, and we can’t wait to do it again.


Beyond an excuse to have our children around for photos and the admiration of our fish tanks, Take Your Child to Work Day is a WebLinc tradition since it helps unlock our kids’ potential and presents an exciting future before them. Healthy explorations into our role in technology, how to think independently, and to have the bravery to swing for the fences are the extra bonuses when we bring our kids to work with us.

Jess Craig