4/11/18 9:53 AM
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Ren’s Pet Chooses Workarea for its New Ecommerce Platform

Ren’s Pets, a Canadian-based omnichannel pet specialty retailer, has selected Workarea, the enterprise SaaS ecommerce platform that combines best-in-class functionality across commerce, content, search and merchant insights into a single application to support growing brands and retailers.


“After vetting eight ecommerce platforms, we chose Workarea for its ease of use on the back end and flexibility,” said Sara Fenwick, Director of Business Technology at Ren’s Pets.

Ren’s Pets, founded in 1976, is the destination for all your pet’s needs in Ontario. With sixteen brick and mortar locations and over 10,000 products, including a huge selection of premium brands, their commitment to quality product at competitive prices is second to none. 

“A small web department handles everything for us, and the customization and analytics provided out of the box by Workarea are extremely exciting for us. We are looking forward to richer site content, including educational and interactive elements, to make our new site mirror our exceptional in-store experience. We are excited to join the Workarea community!”

Fenwick continued, “We were very impressed with how involved, as a platform, Workarea was with the partner selection process, as well as the commitment to the project going forward. With a lot of the other “bigger” platforms, we would feel like a small fish in a big pond. 

Demac Media, a premier partner in a growing community of Workarea implementors, will support the site build as the implementation partner, their fourth deployment on Workarea.

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For 20+ years, Workarea has helped retailers and brands outpace their competition. Our retail roots tell us the common success factor across top retailers is peak team performance. With the right tools, teams reach their zenith and all is possible. When commerce, content and insights are working together, so is your team. Collaboration occurs, efficiency rises, and the output is not only measurable but ever-evolving.