6/1/18 9:19 AM
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Reformation Launches on the Workarea Commerce Platform

Workarea, a leading SaaS enterprise commerce platform, has been deployed as the omnichannel digital foundation for Reformation, an LA-based sustainable fashion brand on a mission to lead and inspire a sustainable way to be fashionable.

Workarea, a commerce platform that combines commerce, content management, intelligent search and merchant insights powers all of the retailer’s shopping experiences including commerce, store interactive displays and intelligent fitting room interfaces. Reformation is using a consolidated administration system that includes automated content publishing, digital merchandising, and real-time insights derived from its increasing user base. The fast growing brand will continue to innovate on the Workarea platform to extend its capabilities across shopping touchpoints via the comprehensive Workarea API.

"The Workarea platform allows our engineering team to iterate and customize features easily," Jessica Chappell, Director of Product Management at Reformation.

Digital Tools Improve In-Store Customer Experiences 

Reformation launched their proprietary technology-enabled retail concept designed to streamline the customer shopping experience. The new tech-driven stores feature touch screen monitors throughout, where customers can digitally add items (in whatever color, style, size they want) to their dressing room and continue to browse while the items are loaded behind the scenes into a "magic wardrobe" in their fitting room. With monitors inside the dressing rooms as well, customers can make new selections to try on and checkout entirely in the privacy of their room.

“We wanted a great ecommerce site but we needed a platform that could be that and much more, including being a key part of our tech-enabled retail stores where online and brick-and-mortar experiences blend in exciting ways,” said Kevin Hollingsworth, VP Technology at Reformation. “Workarea’s architecture just makes sense. The tech stack consists of widely used open source frameworks and components. That meant our internal tech team could implement, extend, and integrate without needing developers with niche skill sets. We have five retail iOS applications, touchscreens, our event bus, PIM, WMS, etc all integrated with real-time connections via the Workarea API — and a cool ecommerce site. Exactly what we needed.”

“Workarea cloud hosting has been rock solid," added Kevin. “This is of elevated importance to us because in addition to the ecommerce site, any issues would impact our retail shoppers. Kudos to the Workarea infrastructure team, they are pros.”

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About Workarea 

Workarea is an enterprise SaaS commerce platform that combines ecommerce, content management, search and merchant insights into a single modern platform. A product of 20+ years experience of ecommerce services firm WebLinc, Workarea was built specifically for high growth, innovative brands and online merchants. Workarea is the platform of choice for companies such as Reformation, Lonely Planet, The Bouqs, Sanrio/Hello Kitty, Do it Best Corp., U.S. Polo Assn., Woodcraft, Costume SuperCenter, Lime Crime, and many others. 

About Reformation 

Reformation is a revolutionary lifestyle brand that proves fashion, sustainability and local manufacturing can co-exist. Based in Los Angeles, Reformation makes effortlessly cool silhouettes that celebrate the feminine figure. Home to the first sustainable sewing factory in the U.S., Reformation infuses green measures into every aspect of the brand. From recycled and eco fabrics to a heat reflecting roof and clean energy in the factory, to recycled hangers in stores and eco-friendly packaging for at-home shipments, Reformation offers thoughtfully produced clothing at an affordable price - a reminder that being green shouldn't mean sacrificing style and quality.


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