11/28/17 11:20 AM
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This is part 3 of our ongoing coverage of the 2017 ecommerce holiday season provided by our 24/7 Commerce Intelligence Unit. Part 1 covered how the 700+ sites on Workarea performed November 1-22. Today, we explore how Workarea merchants made the most of mobile on 2017 Black Friday.


Workarea Customers See Greater Mobile Wins than Industry

Although it's been said, many times, many ways, mobile commerce has arrived. Yes, we have holiday playlists on the mind.

Black Friday web sales soared above $5B with mobile devices capturing almost half of the action. Another record-breaking day for ecommerce, how consumers are embracing mobile this holiday season is capturing the industry by storm. It was reflected in the 23.4% growth of average order values on mobile for Workarea customers on Black Friday.

Watching real-time Black Friday numbers from Workarea customers pour in felt like a holiday treat in itself. After the retail industry did its number crunching on Saturday morning, we did head-to-head comparisons across the board and were proud to see how our customers bested several industry figures on everyone's favorite topic, mobile.

Merchants on Workarea saw a 19% increase from November 1 through Black Friday, which was nearly double improvement in mobile conversion rates seen by the top 100 retailers in the U.S. of 10%.

For Workarea customers, mobile contributed 64% of overall (the top 100 retailers landed at 61%) traffic. Mobile purchases made up 43.7% of total (Adobe reported 39.8% from data on the top 100 retailers).

For every online retailer, mobile conversion rates are a metric under the microscope all year round, and for good reason. There's no greater sign of how a retailer's site is performing on mobile from discovery through checkout than mobile conversion rate.

Tack on Tablet Victories

Although the industry reported little to no improvements for tablets compared to Black Friday 2016, this wasn't the case for merchants on Workarea. Average order value for tablets increased by 13.8% while conversion rates jumped by 9.23%. Though mobile has rightfully been the darling of the 2017 holiday season, our customers are reporting tablet wins that are very uncommon.

Additional mobile numbers from 2017 Black Friday:

  • Mobile traffic was 64% of overall (Adobe reported the top 100 retailers landed at 61%) traffic for Workarea customers
  • Smartphone traffic was 55.5% of overall (Adobe reported 50.9.%), tablet at 8.5%
  • Mobile traffic +16% YoY

  • Mobile revenue +28% YoY

When customers are in a browsing mode, retailers must offer a rich experience on mobile that includes great content and fully functioning search. In a buy mode, retailers have to get out of the way and offer consumers the most frictionless path to checkout. As consumers ourselves, it's obvious why smartphones are the go-to device for finding content, and retailers have to deliver.

Additional holiday customer data and insights from the Workarea Commerce Intelligence Unit will be coming your way all season long. If you have questions or want comment from a Workarea executive, please contact pr [at] workarea.com. Cheers!


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