2/28/17 11:45 AM
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It’s Time to Set Your Ecommerce Team Up for Success

As you analyze your ecommerce team roles and workflow, you may be asking yourself “How should I organize my team for optimal perfomance?”

The answer to that can be found in a new white paper we partnered with FitForCommerce to create, “Setting Up Your Team for Digital Commerce Success." 

This white paper explores how successful retailers, brands and digital merchants structure their digital organizations to achieve maximum effectiveness while operating under familiar resource constraints. It examines the advantages of aligning organizational design, technologies, tools and work processes to empower internal ecommerce teams to work together more effectively.

The growth of ecommerce has given rise to a growing set of digital customer expectations, both within and across channels. That experience is enabled by a combination of strategy, technology, content and features, all of which require an investment of time and resources. Those resources must work collaboratively, often across functional silos including marketing, merchandising, creative, technology and more, to deliver the best digital experience.

Recognizing the need to reduce friction in the path to purchase to drive as many sales as possible, forward-thinking digital merchants are taking new steps to do so with efficiency and skill. Often constrained by limited resources, these companies are finding it critical to assess and align organizational design while also leveraging the most fitting technology to enable a seamless, collaborative workflow.

The key to having a successful ecommerce team is to avoid monolithic, slow-moving groups, rigid processes, and cumbersome technologies. Successful retailers, brands and digital merchants are embracing a multi-discipline, cross-functional approach to building their teams. And they are empowering them to succeed by equipping them with a technology platform and tools designed with agility in mind to improve implementation, ease collaboration and encourage rapid innovation.

Download Setting Up Your Team for Digital Commerce Success to learn:

  • How to break down the barriers between the different areas of the digital commerce team so retailers, brands and digital merchants are better positioned to deliver compelling, engaging content and promotions.

  • How digital commerce teams can adopt agile principles and mindsets, so they will progress along a maturity curve from occupying silos to excelling in a multi-discipline, cross-functional manner.

  • Why retailers, brands and digital merchants need to select and apply the appropriate performance metrics, and how to ensure key performance indicators across functions align to support a cohesive shopper experience.

  • How a lean digital commerce team can operate effectively with the right tools to push fresh content, gain cognitive data-driven understanding of customer behaviors, and make data-driven decisions.

This white paper is a great tool to help high-growth online retailers focus on their organizational strategy and build lean operations that will set them up for success. Be sure to download and read your copy today.


Mehron Moqtaderi