11/19/18 11:33 AM

Retailtouchpoints-BlogFeatureHow To Optimize Mobile, Site Speed And Site Search Ahead Of The Holiday 

Workarea Director Of Customer Success featured in Retail Touch Points Magazine. 


Recently, the Workarea Director of Customer Success, Cheryl Amaya was featured in Retail Touch Points, a publication providing the latest in retail news and trends focusing on shopper experience, digital marketing, and retail innovation. 

At the top of Cheryl's priorities is identifying online merchants’ needs and guiding them to find solutions. With the ecommerce Holiday season in full bloom, Cheryl provides readers with three key insights and recommendations on how to achieve optimal holiday growth. For a deep dive of these and even more best practices to fuel your digital sales strategies, download the Workarea Ecommerce Holiday Planning Guide.

Mobile Optimizations

To maximize ROI via mobile devices, segment mobile users and create personalized and tailored messaging. Be sure to optimize the mobile shopping path to allow for the quickest pathway from product to checkout.

For example, on the Workarea platform, admins can show or hide certain content blocks, or display different images depending on the user screen size, to allow for a frictionless shopping experience with the least amount of clicks possible to put a product in their cart.


Site Speed Optimization Across All Devices

Check your site’s speed before the weight of holiday traffic. Use Google’s speed insights and Web Page Speed test to understand how your site is performing. If you need to make some improvements to get it closer to the optimal three seconds, evaluate your third-party integrations and remove any you are not using. Also, audit your content images to make sure they are optimized and not too large; particularly for mobile downloads. Last, talk with your platform partner about any available optimizations to their application’s load time.  


On-Site Search

Prioritize the search tool in your web site’s header and make it easy to use and easy to find. Be sure to continually audit trending on-site search keywords and promote those products or categories on the site. Last, review top searches from the prior year and map out if/how consumers will be directed to these products or be able to find similar products this holiday season. 

To read the full article, visit Retail Touch Points.


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