7/20/17 11:35 AM

Workarea partnered with FitForCommerce in support of “From Idea to Doorstep,” the FFC annual report. This comprehensive report is filled to the brim with the tactics and strategies that are driving growth for modern digital commerce merchants.

In the Workarea supported “Selling” chapter, you’ll find an in-depth look at how retailers should evaluate the technology that delivers a seamless and high converting customer experience. 

The rapid growth of digital commerce has created a massive transformation of the retail landscape. While reports of a “retail apocalypse” tend to fall on the sensational side, it’s safe to say that our understanding of retail is changing forever. But, it's a great time to sell online. This disruption and uncertainty presents a formidable challenge for online merchants, but also an opportunity. 

The major shifts in the retail industry can level the playing field for high growth mid-market online retailers. Merchants with leaner operations and agile teams are less likely to be entrenched in legacy technology and are typically unburdened by the corporate bureaucracy that slows down the larger players. High growth merchants have a unique opportunity to quickly make the changes necessary to succeed during uncertain times. They are taking advantage of this opportunity to get ahead by aligning their team and workflows with their technology.  

Workarea partnered with FitForCommerce to support the creation of “From Idea to Doorstep” and highlight the strategies driving success for modern merchants. This in-depth annual report explores how retailers should evaluate new technology and employ industry best practices for delivering a seamless and high conversion customer experience. Bill Tarbell, VP of Marketing at Workarea, concludes the chapter with a closer look at “The New Commerce Essentials” that every merchant needs to thrive in the evolving world of digital retail.

Download the report to learn:

  • When to consider migrating to a modern platform
  • The right model for your team and business goals
  • How to optimize for mobile commerce
  • Why content, search, and insights need to be in one platform



To download the entire 90-page 2017 Annual Report, visit FitForCommerce.

Mehron Moqtaderi