10/30/17 11:30 AM
Category: Trends & Tips

We sat down with the industry’s most forward-thinking and creative ecommerce teams who are leveraging the Workarea platform. We discussed how their team's function, grow, and the tools they need to stay ahead of their competition. 

Custome SuperCenter
Learn how the seasonal pure-play retailer saw a 49% lift in mobile conversion after migrating to Workarea. 

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Rachel Roy
Learn how luxury clothing designer Rachel Roy uses original content to continuously deliver their brand’s story and purpose. 

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Learn how this 90-year-old omnichannel retailer increased conversion rates through easy-to-see product data. 

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Lime Crime
Learn Lime Crime’s secrets to catching consumer’s eyes through creative and cohesive digital campaigns.

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Our longtime friends at Costume SuperCenter told us about the growing importance of presenting fresh video content to online shoppers every Halloween and how they accomplish it in such a short amount of time. We heard about the value of influencer partnerships and the content it produces from the team at Rachel Roy. Woodcraft’s ecommerce team told us how one team member created 7 emails, 2 landing pages and changed up the look of the homepage in a single day just before the Summit.

One common theme that every online retailer we spoke with touched on was the finite amount of time available to their small departments combined with their never-ending (and ever-growing) list of tasks. Sound familiar?

From planning massive site content changes months ahead of time or building multiple landing pages in one day, we’re seeing Workarea customers get it done—with a smile on their faces. To no one’s surprise, finding tech solutions to save as much time as possible and apply/use that time to be creative and plan ahead is something every online retailer wishes for. And to say we were proud when customers told us how much more time they have to do other things because of what Workarea solves for them would be the understatement of 2017.

Bill Tarbell

VP of Marketing