8/1/18 10:45 AM

How Your Brand Can Compete with Amazon

When the consumer and media worlds are focused in on Amazon Prime Day, it’s hard to not get a little bitter. Consumers (and their wallets) flooded Amazon Prime Day with reported sales exceeding the likes of Cyber Monday, Black Friday and last year’s Prime Day. 

Going down as the company’s biggest shopping day ever, all eyes were on the 36-hour discount shopping spree known as Amazon prime day. Now in its fourth year, we stopped to examine the key elements that make this event so successful; including the strategies and tactics you can implement right now.

At War with Amazon

Going up against this mammoth can me tricky, but it is doable. Think about when you go on the Amazon website - you probably don’t think about how attractive or usable of a website it is. Their curated personalized sections, such as the “New for you” or “Inspired by your wishlist” rarely hits the nail on the head. Unlike Amazon, you have something that sets you apart - branding, content, and curating a personalized experience.

Tools that Compete & Win

You have the ability to compete against Amazon, but if you don’t have the tools do so, it’s going to be one hell of a fight. When reaping big rewards for mega holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s all about having the right commerce platform that simplifies workflows, provides real-time that allows for data to be easily extracted and can perform at peak capacity. If it seems simple, it can be. But like any great play, you need to know what to look for. Consider that Amazon extended its sales by six hours which drove a 36% increase in sales. Additionally, the primary audience that shopped the sales included small and medium-size businesses. We’d venture to bet that neither of these two results was by accident.


How to Compete with Amazon

Use the following tips to craft your very own Amazon Prime Day experience year-round:

Discounts tracking and distribution

It’s no secret that discounts create a sense of urgency that marketers and retailers spread across the internet like wildfire. However, discount codes can be a tedious process when you factor in the number of discount sites, bloggers and influencers that need to be informed of your promotion; not to mention tracking campaign efforts. In a modern commerce platform, discounts are made easy through smart and simple tools. With Workarea, you can create a promo code list and tie a discount to it. The discount will apply to anyone who enters a promo code from the generated list in the admin. This unique list can be distributed to an affiliate (like Groupon) to give to their users. Combine that with smart insights that tracks the top redeemed and distributed discounts, and you can streamline who, how often and when you run a discounts campaign.

Reoccurring promotions

Plan big promotions that happen annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or whenever your heart desires. But make it your thing. Let's face it, what Amazon is doing really works. Put R&D into testing promotions, holiday discounts, customer loyalty programs, your own “prime” day or week, etc. Ride the coattails but make it your own. You could be the reason consumers look forward to August. On the Workarea platform, retailers can set up their own series of deals using our Site Planner, which allows team to plan, preview and schedule site updates.

Use data to make it personal

The Workarea platform provides deep insights to help you manage your top selling products, customize search results to highlight high-converting merchandise and even curate what people see based off of geography or demographics. Understanding how you can segment and personalize certain discounts is provides that personal touch that even Amazon can’t pull off. For example, people living in Hawaii don’t want to see winter coats on the homepage. But, using location services and feature that sunscreen hero image in the dead of winter. When consumers see products that makes sense for them, your sales will go up.


We know, probably not what you want to hear. But you can use the ChannelAdvisor plug-in on our platform to post your products on Amazon. Using this as your last resort might prove to work.

Multi-level marketing

Use a variety of content to market your products and discounts. Social media, blogs, articles, emails, videos and so much more helps to get your brand out there for people to see. Our platform allows you to manage a blog. Posting helpful resources for your customers will have them coming back to you for multiple reasons. 



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