10/3/17 1:50 PM

Workarea Summit 2017 explored a world of firsts. It was the first time our annual customer conference spanned two days. We hosted more workshops than ever. Attendees were even joined by Ben Franklin himself to kick things off at the most visited museum in Pennsylvania, the Franklin Institute.

One of the newest portions that saw cheers from customers and the Summit planning crew was the inaugural Commerce Awards. The following is a list of the first-ever recipients who are setting the pace for the online retail industry through commerce innovations on Workarea. Ecommerce teams from across the globe were recognized for jaw-dropping growth, branded experiences, eye-catching content, omnichannel disruption, and more.

Congratulations to all the awardees who inspire us and their industry peers every day.

The 2017 Trailblazer 
Women's luxury clothing designer and retailer Rachel Roy was awarded the 2017 Trailblazer Award for its mastery of meshing content and commerce and taking on the latest Workarea updates. Something we love is how every box a product comes in can be used to donate gently used clothing to a partner charity.


The 2017 King of Content 
The nation's oldest and largest suppliers of quality woodworking tools and supplies, Woodcraft knows their dedicated audience of woodworkers demands applicable content. Shoppers can now turn to their site to easily find how-to articles and videos, comprehensive product detail pages, instructions, project guides, and even a magazine. 

The 2017 King of Content 
Longtime Workarea customer Harriet Carter was awarded the 2017 Connector Award due to its industry shattering double-digit conversion rate. The fully responsive Harriet Carter site delivers large easy-to-read product data and big images to shoppers creating an enjoyable shopping experience across all devices with an emphasis on tablets and desktop.  


The 2017 Original 
Staying true to their brand of embracing originality, pure-play retailer Lime Crime takes self-expression on their ecommerce site to new heights. Whether its featuring customer photos through a user-generated content plugin (#LimeCrime) to dazzling shoppers with sparkly bubble animations (by way of JavaScript) and vibrant images to support their mermaid makeup collection, Lime Crime keeps it 100% original. Fun fact: it all happens with just one Workarea user.


The 2017 Transformer 
Costume SuperCenter was awarded the 2017 Transformer Award for maximizing its' multi-site efforts across 7 digitally native brands. After replatforming and launching 5 sites in under 7 months on Workarea, the company is freed up to be creative in their fun industries. To significantly up its content game, Costume SuperCenter works with in-house writers and freelancers to deliver thousands of original material. The results: 20% boost in on-site search conversion rate year over year and a 49% lift in mobile conversions year over year.


The 2017 Rainmaker 
Leading Workarea customers on year-over-year online revenue growth, Do it Best earned the 2017 Rainmaker award. The country's largest member-owned hardware, lumber, and building materials cooperative, Do it Best has grown both their catalog and revenue by impressive percentages year over year. With corporate headquarters in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the member network has grown to more than 3,700 stores across North America.


The 2017 Disruptor
For myriad reasons, high-growth retailer The Bouqs took home the 2017 Disruptor award as they've flipped the floral industry on its head. Modernizing the sourcing of fresh flowers by working with certified eco-friendly and sustainable farms, The Bouqs is the only flower company to deliver direct from farms to consumers' doorsteps through its on-demand network of florists. The end result is buyers receive cut-to-order bouquets with honest and direct pricing, including a flat fee on delivery.


The 2017 Adapter
Becker's School Supplies was awarded the 2017 Adapter Award for its ability to keep current. Seeing the writing on the wall of big box competitors and Amazon, the 89-year-old B2B retailer revamped their website and content marketing strategy ahead of the 2017 back-to-school season. The company now offers a mobile-friendly site and manages a new blog, which incorporates advice from in-house pros to highlight its proven authority and long-standing reputation as experts in the space. The result is greater customer loyalty and exposure to the company's outstanding customer service.


The 2017 Legend 
Standing the test of time, Thomas Scientific has been providing the latest in quality laboratory supplies and scientific equipment to the worldwide scientific market since 1900. The iconic retailer is fully aware they must evolve to stay relevant in today's modern online marketplace. Accepting change, reacting to industry demands, and creating the most powerful site in their industry has kept Thomas Scientific at the top for 117 years. On the backend, their team uses account-based approval workflows and variable pricing while overseeing hundreds of thousands of SKUs. The site allows shoppers to make product comparisons and on-site search is easy thanks to the built-in industry-leading search capabilities of Workarea.

John Forberger