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From the desk of the Workarea Commerce Intelligence Unit comes coverage of our customer's 2017 holiday performance. Check back often all season long to learn how fast-growing and nimble retailers on the Workarea platform are doing along with insights and seasoned advice from our team. 
Note: Jot down real-time merchandising tips from the Workarea team that you can still execute on in 2017.

Workarea Customers Shatter 2016 Numbers

A record-breaking holiday shopping season is already here for the retail industry and Workarea customers. Adobe reports that every day in November through the 22nd brought in more than $1 billion in revenue, compared with 19 out of the first 21 days in 2016.

From November 1-22, one consumer packaged goods company on the Workarea platform saw year-over-year online revenue soar by 62.3% and conversion rate skyrocketed 103.46%. On top of that, they accomplished this with roughly 9% fewer sessions than last year. An online holiday promotion was launched, but it didn’t hit their online store until last week.

An omnichannel women’s fashion brand that pushed little to none holiday promotions saw year-over-year revenue soar by 248.77% from November 1-22. Overall conversion rate is up a staggering 28.41%.

Their amazing successes in November stems from a year-round mobile focus, plus they made the most of our exclusive Site Planner tool which enables retailers to plan content and promotions changes ahead of time and see how changes will appear on all devices. Gone are the days where marketers had to stay up until midnight to press a button that launches a promotion or site change.

On Workarea, customers saw a staggering year-over-year average increase in mobile conversion rate of 41%. Mobile sales were also up 41%. Overall revenue across all customers is up 12% from November 1-22.

The watershed moment for online retailers is here. Conversion and revenue gains in early-to-mid November are significant in an environment dominated by Amazon Prime and ever-increasingly aggressive pre-holiday discounting by competitors.

Mobile Growth Compared to 2016 (11/1-11/22)

Below are highlights from mobile wins seen across 100+ Workarea customers:

  • Overall revenue +41%
  • Average order value YoY +3%
  • YoY conversion rate +29.04%
  • YoY transactions +37.27%
  • Mobile traffic is 48.02% of overall

As mobile commerce matures and mobile responsive sites get better, customers get increasingly comfortable with checking out through their phones. When mobile shoppers experience less friction, they’re less likely to hold off on payment until they switch to desktop or visit a store.

Most online retailers struggle to convert mobile shoppers, though mobile traffic is typically more than 50%. Most mobile commerce sites today are technically “responsive,” yet fail to optimize images, text, navigation, merchandising and checkout. They merely scale them down, versus use responsive coding to show the right specs for the device. The Workarea Commerce Platform makes it very easy for site administrators to serve optimized experiences without needing to code anything. The system can crop and reflow text, buttons, images and layout grids automatically for the best user experience.

Staying Ahead All Year Long

For the last two-plus decades, we've been strategizing and even rebuilding our platform from the ground up to give retailers the tools, workflows, and flexibility to reach consumers. We're well-versed in the importance of all the couch-clicking taking place this time of year. A few of us get caught up in too.

More than any other time of year, the ability to convert top-of-funnel traffic hinges on fast loading pages, relevant merchandising, a strong brand story and a great mobile experience. Workarea provides the necessary toolset for retailers to deliver these experiences while keeping them current and competitive.

Workarea lets marketers be as nimble as they need to be with regards to content, pricing, promotions, landing pages and merchandising strategies. Unlike platforms that require IT intervention to make changes to taxonomy or customize search results, Workarea customers aren’t limited by a holiday “code freeze” (the period of time that a site’s code is “locked down” to prevent problems on the live site). On Workarea, all content and promotional cut-overs can be scheduled in advance as a Release through Site Planner, and modified at any time by business users without requiring a developer and staging process or affecting code.

This also allows retailers to be responsive in real-time. If a competitor launches a promotion, a retailer using Workarea can respond and update their own pricing or merchandising on the fly. Or, if a certain featured product sells out sooner than expected, a merchandiser can swap in a new featured product or category to ensure no disappointed customers or missed opportunities.

Trend-Spotting: Deals Have No Limits

Throughout the coming weeks, we'll be revealing trends we're watching so your busy team stays informed of what's fresh this holiday season.

One item we're keeping tabs on this holiday season is the annual flooding of deals. This year has already confirmed that doorbuster deals aren't just for TV's and appliances anymore. We spotted some heavily discounted but limited items ranging from sneakers and smartphones to video game consoles and toys. Retailers are offering consumers good bargains on everyday items, not just large ticket items like in past years. However, consumers have been trained to hold off for the best discounts.

Stay tuned for more holiday customer data and insights from the Workarea Commerce Intelligence Unit this holiday season. If you have requests or wish for comment from a Workarea executive, please contact pr [at] workarea.com. Cheers!


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